32 anecdotes as I turn 32 – Revisited at 34 , R @ 35

1.Keep a Journal , write everything that comes to your mind.

@34 – Continued to do this ,200 Page Journal is completed . Starting off a new book next year – Certainly adds clarity of mind .

       @35 – 2 Books are completed . Went through all the pages and realized my  Philosophy  of Life into two words “Absolute Harmony”.

2. Read your Journal at the beginning of each month (I amazed myself, hope you too amazes your self)

@34 – Finished the script for a short film and children’s book as well

       @35 – Diverted from the action to make it into a Book – Finish that by EOY

3.Travel Alone for a vacation.

@34 – Quit my previous Job , Traveled all the way to East Coat – As an alien who is authorized to work , I would say the choice was adventurous . Explored New York with a stranger for 2 days . Met my relatives after 20+ years and stayed at their place for few days.

      @35 – Quit my previous Job. Challenged the Status Quo.

4.Video Blog your solitude experiences.

@34 – Just did a blog – need to work on this.

5.Wander the Local Library , there is always a book that is waiting for you to be chosen out of random.

@34 – Wandered a virtual library – All of the books that I discovered were available for free download at the internet archives

6.Keep a Personal Best for Gym Routines and keep breaking your own records every month.

@33 – reached 200 pounds with 32% body fat – No workout

@34 – Back to 185 with 22% body fat – Started Yoga – Squat Max 240 lbs

                      @35 Half Way through 180 18% Body Fat .competition prep I had to leave US . Did not keep up with Gym Routine , restarted again and It feels good . Lot of stretching and strengthening core in progress .Turning Vegetarian.

7.Ask yourself , Why you like/dislike something ?

@34 – Meditations and Contemplation techniques from Stoic Practices are guiding me through to bring more clarity.

      @35 – I ask ” Is is aligned with “My Philosophy” – If not Reject .

8.Workout the number 7 though logical reasoning methodologies.

9.Always keep a pencil and make sure you sharpen it regularly.

10.Wake up at 5 a.m on Sundays.

@34 – Failed at this.Need to remind . Setting target to 4 a.m wake up cycles

       @35 – Been doing that for past few weeks as I am back in India . Takes my 500m swimming at 6 am in the morning . My mother makes me feel newbie since she wakesup at 4 am .

11.Read both Eastern or Western philosophies. Apply point 7 as well.

@34 – Found enlightened with Stoic techniques , Uses Western Psychology and apply Eastern Philosophy – Now into applied Philosophy.

        @35 – Use the West to Build the OutserSelf and Use the East to Build your Innner Self and as you progress in life finetune both to reach a the zone , and minute in between your exhalation and inhalation.

12.Be part of a charity / fundraiser – and help the team until its goal amount is reached.

@34 – Helping Labor Unions as charity

       @35 – Labor Union turned out to be waste of time. Helping the self at the moment .

13.Show random act of kindness for strangers , and don’t share your name with them.

@34 – Bought Food and Shared immense Gratitude

14.Plant a seed and feed some birds.

15.Enhance your critical thinking abilities.

16.Meditate every day.

17.Learn to Cook ; tone your senses to understand the ingredients and know the exact words to express the overall culinary art.

19.Know you perfect sizing chart,fragrance tone,material of clothing that you choose – Apply point 7 as well.

20.Know your Sun sign and Moon sign – understand and use 7,8,9 and 11 points with your learning.

21.Be Happy and Remember,  It takes courage to be happy.

@34 – Happiness is just the beginning . Only once we are happy then we can weave the next level of metaphysics

22.Feel the water when you are under the shower/rain.

@34 – Thus you will more safely go about this action if you say to yourself, “I will now go bathe, and keep my own mind in a state conformable to nature.” – Epictetus

23.Desire , use your doodling skills to associate the things that you desire.Strategize your plan and execute. Set Goals .

@34 – Doodled the books and Ideas that I read.

24.Everything is difficult in the beginning , Persistence and Discipline makes it easier.

@34 – Religiously believe and push through

25.Engineering helps you to organize things , Organization brings clarity , learn and practice , absorb the patterns from nature. Point 11,14,15,16 helps

@34 – Being more productive .

26.Keep in touch with your teachers , share how you have improved or deteriorated on the subject that they have taught you when you meet them.

@34 – I was warned I read a lot of philosophy 🙂 .Hence apply thus – ” Never call yourself a philosopher, nor talk a great deal among the unlearned about theorems, but act conformably to them”

27.Drive a Motorcycle and attend motorcycle gatherings.

28.Invest your money wisely.Learn poker ( or )blackjack and set a limited investment – Do not gamble but invest. Time is money .

@35 – Gambled with Life . Invested in Cryptos.

29.Perfect Practice makes you perfect , not just practice.

30.Saner heads prevail .Keep your calm and be conscious on your Actions, not react to situations.

31.Surround yourself with the best people.Listen to everyone but respect yourself.

32.Talk to parents at least once every week.

       @34 – Talks more than that  – Duties are universally measured by relations.

               @35 – Retirement for Parents – Take Control of the Kingdom !

33. Seek the answers in silence.

34. I am that through which if it is known , everything else becomes known – Shivoham .


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  1. Karl Herchenroeder says:

    I love this! It’s like a cheat sheet on how to better your life, and make it more meaningful. Thank you for sending it my way, keep it up!


    1. omvarmain says:

      Thank You Karl 🙂 , Not just going through life but growing through it


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